The children who participated in the camp and their parents describe their impressions of the camp on this page. We have heard many happy stories from the children who came to the pre-camps, and their parents kindly expressed their gratitude too.


9-year old boy
I got a great new family in Hokkaido. Solaputi is the greatest! I definitely want all my friends to come. I'll never forget this amazing camp.
11-year old girl
I want to be a volunteer here when I grow up.
16-year old boy
It was fun talking and having fun with everybody late into the night. I was so happy that people helped me, and my wheelchair was never a problem.

The Parents

Parent of a 13-year old boy
I was worried when I saw him looking gloomy and not saying anything on the way home. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he was feeling lonely and it had been tough to say goodbye to everyone at Chitose Airport. He's not very good at socializing, and was anxious about the camp, so hearing those words made me realize what a great four days he'd had.
Parent of a 9-year old girl
The expression on my daughter's face was totally different before and after the camp. I've been overprotective of her since she got sick, but this camp has given me the courage to send her out into the world. I'm sure that the three days my daughter spent with the friendly camp counselors and her friends will give her a lot of confidence later in life.
Parent of a 13-year old boy
Since he became ill he's had to go through a lot of pain and hardship. Being given this opportunity, and also knowing that there are people who - even though they are complete strangers - are willing to provide much support and encouragement, really warmed my heart.
Parents of a 13-year old boy
As the parents, we greatly appreciated this wonderful experience, as did our son's big brother and sister.
Parents of an 8-year old girl
The time our daughter spent at the camp was of great significance - not only to our daughter herself, but also to our younger child, who gained a precious chance to monopolize our attention while our daughter was away.
Parents of a 14-year old girl
Our daughter is now able to cry in front of us, without being ashamed.
Parents of a 16-year old boy
Our son was really happy to have the chance to speak to the staff, the volunteers and all the other kids at the camp. It was a real boost for his spirits to know he is no longer alone, but has friends.
Parent of a 14-year old girl
My daughter used to be with me at all times, so she had the mind of a young adult though in the body of a child - basically, her mind and body were out of balance. This camp was a reward for her for doing her best to live up to now, and a present that will give her the energy to carry on in the future.
Parent of an 11-year old girl
It really put my mind at ease to know that the volunteers and medical staff were all in the same place. Through this camp, I hope my daughter can make even just one new friend. Especially now that she's about to enter adolescence, it will be a great relief to her to know that she has a friend with the same illness.

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