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About SeriousFun Childrenʼs Network (SeriousFun)

In 2016, Solaputi Kidsʼs Camp became a full member of SeriousFun

SeriousFun Childrenʼs Network, which was founded by the famous actor Paul Newman, is a worldwide camp network for children with serious illnesses and their families. Beginning with the first camp in the United States in 1988, SeriousFun has delivered more than one million life-changing camp experiences to children and their families, totally free of charge. Solaputi Kidsʼ Camp is the newest full member camp and first in East Asia to become a part of SeriousFun.

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SeriousFun Childrenʼs Network Mission

SeriousFun Childrenʼs Network Mission
To create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and
discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities always free of charge.

History of Solaputi × SeriousFun Childrenʼs Network

In 2006, Solaputi registered as a threshold camp for SeriousFun.
In 2013, Solaputi approved as a provisional member of SeriousFun.
In 2016, Solaputi approved as a full member of SeriousFun.

History of Solaputi × SeriousFun Childrenʼs Network

Who is Paul Newman?

Paul Newman was born in Ohio, the US, in 1925. Known as a Hollywood star, he appeared in numerous films and TV shows. He won 42 awards, including three Academy Awards. Not only a famous movie star, but also a successful entrepreneur, he established Newmanʼs Own, a food manufacturing company, in 1982. Since Newmanʼs Own was founded, 100% profits from the sale of its products have been used for charitable purposes.

Moreover, with the hope of improving the quality of life of children with serious illnesses and their families, Paul established a camp with on-site medical care, named The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, in Connecticut, the US, in 1988. This movement gradually spread to the world, and SeriousFun Childrenʼs Network (formerly known as the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps) was established as an international network organization.

Paul did not have an opportunity to visit Solaputi Kidsʼ Camp in his life. However, his daughter, Clea Newman, who inherited his will and vision, visited Solaputi Kidsʼ Camp in 2017

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Who is Paul Newman?

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