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Who We Serve

At Solaputi Kids' Camp, we plan and provide life-changing outdoor experiences for children with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

Children eligible for our programs

Any children with serious illnesses (blood, circulatory, neurological, liver and other conditions) can take part in our experiential outdoor programs.

  • In Japan, over 500 illnesses and conditions are classed as “intractable diseases of children” by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • Although we do not discriminate between children on the basis of their illness, we still need to build systems for different illnesses that need specialized medical care with the appropriate doctors and nurses on hand.
  • Each camp will have various conditions for application, however we will try to incorporate as many children as possible.
  • For selecting campers for each camp session, we have set up a medical committee consisting of doctors, nurses and external medical specialists. The committee will consider the eligibility of a child on the basis of relevant medical issues, safety and the objectives of the particular camp.
  • As this facility is the first of its kind in Asia, we hope to offer places in the camp to children from around Asia as well as Japan in the future.

Trial-camps to Date (2006-2010)

Number of campers: Cancer/Surgery Joint Camp53 (3 times)
Cancer Camp103 (5 times)
Surgery Camp70 (4 times)
Family members40 (6 times)
Other groups7 (once)
Main illnesses/conditions: leukemia, brain tumor, spina bifida

Camps to Date (2013-2015)

Number of campers: Cancer Camp52 (5 times)
Surgery Camp18 (2 times)
Family members23 (5 times)
Other groups32 (5 times)
Day Camp13 (3 times)
Main illnesses/conditions: leukemia, brain tumor, spina bifida

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