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We Are SeriousFun Day

We Are SeriousFun Day We Are SeriousFun Day

Solaputi Kids’ Camp is a full member camp of SeriousFun Children's Network (hereinafter called SeriousFun), which is a global camping organization for children with serious illness founded by Paul Newman.

On January 26, Solaputi Kids’ Camp is participating in very special effort being carried out by SeriousFun Children’s Network to help raise awareness of the life-changing impact of camp, and the simple, yet inspiring, vision of Paul Newman.
Although it is in English, you can see the messages from campers, volunteers, staff, and supporters all over the world. Their message will surely make your heart warm. Please visit the URL below.

URL https://mosaic.seriousfunnetwork.org/en/

A request to you who have participated in Solaputi Kids’ Camp

If you like, click the above URL. Please share your story at Solaputi Kids’ Camp in Japanese or English. You can connect with friends from SeriousFun all over the world!

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