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How You Can Help

To help realize dream camps for children with illnesses, Solaputi Kids' Camp is looking for supporters who share our vision. There are many ways you can support us - by becoming a registered supporting member, making a donation, setting up a donation box, supporting a camp, and much more. Please begin by contacting our office.

Means of Support Description
Membership We are looking for members who will provide us with ongoing support. Through an annual membership fee, you can support Solaputi Kids' Camp. All members receive newsletter describing our activities.
Donations Unlike membership fees, donations have no fixed amount or time period for payment. We are happy to receive a donation of any size, anytime. We deeply appreciate your help in this way.
Donation box We are now asking people to set up a Solaputi Donation Box. You can support us by setting up a donation box in an easily-noticed location inside a shop, hotel, school, company, hospital, or other public facility.
Support for a Particular Camp One way you can give to Solaputi Kids' Camp is by making a donation to one of our programs. At your request, we can display your name as one of the donors to the program.
Provision of Facilities We gladly accept offers to donate use of building facilities such as theaters, gymnasiums, and arts and craft buildings. At your request, we will install a nameplate bearing your name as one of the donors to the program.

✽ Tax incentives

Donations to Solaputi Kids' Camp as donations to a public interest incorporated association, are eligible for income tax incentives among other tax incentives.
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